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New Artwork Adorns Kalispell

Now there's art on the outside of our building too. The top piece is by Mark Ogle and the two side pieces are by my late father, Joe Abbrescia.

If you have not yet had the opportunity, stop by the newest art gallery & studios in Kalispell. Now is a great time to make the trip and enter our drawing for a chance to win Ogle or Abbrescia art! Our Grand Opening is on Saturday, April 7, 2012. Two names will be drawn during the week of April 9th. And, like the saying goes... you can't win if you don't play!

The gallery features the artworks of both Mark Ogle and Joe Abbrescia. Abbrescia's work is now represented by his son, Joe Abbrescia Jr. Originals and fine art prints on canvas (giclees) from both artists are available. Another unique feature of this space is that it is also the new home of the Abbrescia Art Restoration Studio. Many interesting things happening in Joe's studio!

When Art Comes Full Circle- Joe Abbrescia & Mark Ogle Together Again

When Art Comes Full Circle
With the help of Sykes owner Ray Thompson; Mark Ogle and Joe Abbrescia Jr. bring two Art Studios back to downtown Kalispell.

Kalispell, MT 11/16/2011 - The Sykes Complex will be getting new tenants in time for the Kalispell Art Walk on December 2, 2011. The Art Studios of Mark Ogle and Joe Abbrescia Jr., are joining forces and moving into the newly remodeled Sykes location at 236 Second Ave West in Kalispell (recently the home of the “Jungle Rama” Day Care).

Sykes owner, Ray Thompson, had a vision for the arts in regards to his current building remodel, which is located across the parking lot from the Sykes Restaurant and Market. Ray Thompson asked artist, Mark Ogle if he would like to move his studio back to the downtown Kalispell area. Ogle then asked family friend, conservator, Joe Abbrescia Jr., if he would like to share the newly remodeled space. With the original Abbrescia Art Gallery building on First Ave West for sale; the timing couldn’t be better for Abbrescia Art Restoration to move into a new space.

It’s really ironic when one sees something come full circle. Mark Ogle had been a prominent student of the late artist, Joe Abbrescia, who was recognized as "one of America's most accomplished impressionist painters". Mark has also known the Abbrescia family for many years. In fact, Joe Abbrescia Jr., used to listen to his Dad and Mark discuss color theory and composition as a young boy, both in Scottsdale and in Montana. Joe Jr. has lived his entire life immersed in the arts and also under the tutelage of his late father. Now, Abbrescia and Ogle will share one beautiful new studio space in downtown Kalispell.

Mark Ogle has earned a substantial reputation as one of the most talented landscape painters in America, and is very well known locally for his Glacier Park landscapes. Joe Abbrescia Jr. (Abbrescia Art Restoration Studio) specializes in the conservation and restoration of fine art oil paintings with emphasis on prominent western artists. Both studios will call the new space home; and the gallery portion will showcase original artwork and fine art giclee prints on canvas of both Ogle and the late Joe Abbrescia.

Make plans to join us for the Annual Art Walk and Holiday Stroll in downtown Kalispell on Friday, December 2nd from 5 pm - 9 pm, see the new studios and enjoy tasty snacks prepared by “Giuseppe” (a.k.a Joe).

Oil Painting Restoration & Conservation in the Flathead Valley, Kalispell Montana - Abbrescia Art Restoration

From the moment an oil painting is completed, it begins to age. Oil paintings on canvas may suffer from several ailments over the years such as yellowed varnish, smoke damage, mildew, tears or rips in the canvas, and flaking paint. Whether you're getting ready to send an oil painting of a well known artist to auction or just want to restore the brilliance of original color to a family heirloom, you may want to consider having the painting cleaned to optimize your return.

Perhaps your oil painting just needs a cleaning by removing the layers of the old-yellowed varnish to reveal the freshness of the colors underneath. Or, it may need more extensive restoration such as re-lining of the original canvas with new canvas to repair a tear and re-consolidate the paint layers to give the your painting a new lease on life for future generations.

If you’re curious about the restoration techniques used, or viewing a sampling of paintings in various stages of restoration or just finding out whether your original painting could benefit from such services, give me a call...I'd love to look at your painting and discuss options with you.

Why Cleaning your Oil Painting is Important

Cleaning the painting allows the colors and details of the artwork to be seen and appreciated the way the artist originally intended them to look. People may ask - “But aren’t you destroying the patina of the painting by cleaning it?” When people refer to patina they are often talking about the “golden glow”, the look of yellowed varnish over a painting as well as the dirt that gradually over time becomes ingrained in the paint, thus clouding the details and dulling the colors. In oil paintings, “true patina” refers to the progressive darkening of the paint caused by the oil it contains and also the craquelure, a fine network of cracks that develops over time in a painting. An old painting conveys something of the personality of the painter and to bring these out to the fullest is more important than to preserve years of dirt and aged varnish. The true patina, craquelure and darkening of the paint will be preserved when correctly cleaned.
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Coeur d'Alene Art Auction 2009-Joe Abbrescia Jr

Joe Abbrescia Jr., owner of Abbrescia Art Restoration from Kalispell MT, will be at the 2009 Coeur d'Alene Art Auction at the Silver Legacy Resort in Reno NV on July 25, 2009. Consultations and/or on-site examinations are available both before and after the auction. Joe can be reached at 406-871-0414