Abbrescia Gallery and Fine Art Restoration Studio is a Private Practice Conservation Studio located in Kalispell Montana.

Joe Abbrescia Jr. 

Joe's primary emphasis is on Fine Western & American Art oil paintings.  Clients range from auction houses to museums to art dealers to private art collectors.

Joe Abbrescia Jr's art conservation philosophy is to perform the least treatment required to stabilize the condition of the oil painting and restore it as closely as possible to its original appearance by applying reversible treatments and adhering to the ethical guidelines of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.

Art Restoration Services

Joe Abbrescia in his art restoration studio located in Kalispell Montana

Joe Abbrescia in his art restoration studio located in Kalispell Montana

  • Surface Cleaning

  • Discolored varnish removal

  • Paint Loss Restoration

  • Repairing holes and tears

  • In-painting

  • Lining

  • Previous restoration reversal

  • Label encapsulation / preservation

  • Minor frame repair

Other Services

  • Written condition and treatment reports

  • Condition assessment of your art collection and cataloging

  • Condition consultation of paintings before and after auction

  • Color or black and white photo documentation

  • Ultraviolet examination and images digital formats

The initial examination of a painting begins at my studio and takes about forty-five minutes. There is no charge for this initial examination. An ultra-violet examination of the painting surface is often done at that time along with a discussion with the client to determine the extent of the conservation treatment that is required to achieve desired outcome. All conservation fees are based on the necessary needs of each painting, its condition and the proposed treatment options. Compliance with professional guidelines as well as maintaining high personal standards has built my reputation within the art community of the northwest. 

SPECIAL NOTE: An accurate estimate cannot be determined without the painting in hand. Estimates will not be given based on a photo. 

Before & Afters