Joe Abbrescia Jr Art Restoration Interviews on You Tube

A few months ago a wonderful man named Donato from Upper Canada Stretchers contacted Joe to conduct some interviews canvassing the conservators and restoration.  Joe's interviews are now on You Tube.

The connection with Upper Canada Stretchers was made sometime ago as Joe purchases the stretcher bars he uses from Upper Canada Stretchers and they have always provided exceptional service.

I'll share with you a few snippets from the upper Canada Blog about Canvassing Conservators and Restoration:

Joe Abbrescia Jr. an exceptionally talented Conservator of fine art paintings living and working in Kalispell, Montana. He grew up in that dramatic scenery of the American Rocky Mountains, habitat of all our nostalgia for the wild West untamed, in the daily presence of his father,  an exceptional fine art painter,  Joe Abbrescia  Sr.  Joe’s voice, speaking of his vocation, of Conservator of Fine Art, echoes what could be said too of his father’s work,  passed on like a goblet of strong lusty red wine, from father to son, dense with the nostalgia of western wildlife and their habitat, and those people lucky enough to live in that part of the world... Echoing truly the call of the wild.. and the passion to preserve it’s memory for all of our futures...(read more).


Upper Canada Stretchers has a blog and for content, they canvas the different artists and conservators that they do business with.  It's really quite interesting to read about all the different artists and the their niches.  

The home page of our website shows some of the many genres of Joseph L. Abbrescia

Posted on June 10, 2014 and filed under Art Restoration.